My soul laid out in words. 


By Black Men

I have been hurt by black men

I have been criticized and victimized by black men

I have had my heart broken

Ego stroken

And used as token all by black men

How does a pain that cuts deep feel so necessary

How can a tongue not speak what’s necessary

All to protect black men

Am I protected

Has my body been projected

Although they would kill over my body that doesn’t include my soul

Is that too much to hold

I have been hurt by black men

Not physically abused but did I chose this pain

Black men hold no shame

Black men say well you know me

Black men say I am only trying to deal with the tools assessed

Your father failed you and you think I’m next

Hurts so bad and I can’t let go of my black men

Protect black women we are art

A gem from the start

Too precious to hold and too bold but sometimes you forget gems crack

That is fact

I want my peace back

I want my life on track but I gave up my clarity for black men

I have spoken for black men

I have chosen for black men

I have loved black men and he loves me too but his capacity of love holds a different view

Wears a different shoe and I am stomped but I love my black men so much